Corporate Wellbeing Helps Everyone Work Well

Invigorate… Energise… Motivate… Revitalise!

To get the most from your working life you want to make sure you’re staying on top of your game. Dealing with the push and pull of a busy week can take it out of you – especially if you are ambitious.

Business pressure needs to be managed carefully, finding the balance between optimum performance and feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

We can help you maximise your performance!

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Boost Wellbeing – Hands on Health UK provide dedicated, highly professional therapists who clearly love their jobs. I totally recommend them.

– A. Edwards, Marketing/PR at Indigo Spa Management

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Your employees already get paid, so why should you look after their wellbeing?

“The statistics speak for themselves; Health & Safety Executive figures indicate that self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for an estimated 11.4 million lost working days in Britain.”

Motivated, happy staff take less injury or stress-related sick days – Our visits reducing staff absence by just one or two working days a month makes you more profitable!

Every £1 spent by employers on wellbeing interventions in the workplace produces £4 in return

– Price Waterhouse Cooper, “Building a Case for Wellness”

Our visits benefit not only the end-user, but also the employer… That’s why we like to say “Everyone Feels the Benefit of Wellbeing at Work”

How Wellbeing Benefits the Employer

  • Our visits improve productivity and profitability
  • Revitalising each individuals’ body and mind motivates your organisation as a whole
  • We clearly demonstrate your support for every employees’ health
  • It is an excellent reflection on how your company is run to your clients
  • Continual investment in your teams’ wellbeing enhances loyalty towards you as an employer and is a low-cost way to increase staff retention
  • It’s a great way to distinguish yourself when recruiting for new staff

More Benefits for your People

  • Our visits promote a wider awareness of health, lifestyle and mental resilience
  • Our services promote relaxation and boost team morale
  • We can increase concentration levels
  • You create a more relaxed and happier working environment for all

Services to Energise & Motivate your Teams Through the Year

We can also help you promote your organisation at Exhibitions & Events!

We get a real buzz helping our clients to bring the very best from their teams – because everyone feels the benefit!

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