Fitness Session Terms and Conditions

Thank You for Booking with Boost Wellbeing – Hands on Health UK

Important Information

If you have any queries, please Contact Us – before completing your booking

Please let us know if you suffer from any of the following;

A History of Fainting – High/Low Blood Pressure – Circulatory Problems – Migraine or Headaches – Allergies – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – infectious Skin Conditions – Muscular/Skeletal Conditions – Stress, Anxiety or Depression – Long Term Illness – Infections – Arthritis – Osteoporosis – Diabetes – Varicose Veins – Heart Complaints – Hernia – Kidney Problems – Epilepsy – Asthma – Chronic Fatigue/ME – Multiple Sclerosis – Cancer – Other?

  • Are you taking any medications or under the guidance of a doctor?
  • Have you had any recent operations or fractures?
  • Are you pregnant or trying for a baby?
  • Do you take any non-prescription drugs (e.g. over the counter or herbal remedies)

By using our services, you declare that the information you have given at point of booking is correct. You understand the nature of the session(s) that you have requested and as far as you are aware, you can undertake these at your own risk.

You understand it is your duty to to declare and discuss any relevant health-related information with your fitness specialist before the session(s), and you will notify them of any changes to your health and well-being in the future. If at any point you or your fitness specialist feels the need to obtain medical permission prior to any treatment, then you understand that you are fully responsible for your health in this respect. You are also happy to receive any necessary after-care advice.

If you have any queries, please Contact Us – before completing your booking

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you!

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